Website design and audit

Website design and audit

Lack of SEO design is a common mistake made when advancing and promoting the websites. This is also the reason why seemingly informative and high quality websites are positioned at the bottom of a search results ranking. Therefore, web promotion and websites SEO optimization studio SEOOWL Lviv suggests the solution for avoiding such undesirable results by way of competent SEO-designing of your website.

Designing involves:

Provided that the website was properly designed and all of the tasks were implemented, you get an internally optimized website, and thus, great savings on the cost of its promotion in search engines.

We are pleased to offer you professional SEO audit, in case the website already exists and you want to identify its strong and weak points, to analyze its usability and functionality, to develop a program for further advance of its positions in search results.

SEO audit involves the following:

Each of these entries include a detailed list of items, which upon analysis, help us make a decision regarding the website optimization, identify the issues that need to be corrected and to improve the existing features.

Auditing and website designing enable constant monitoring and impartial evaluation of all the factors related to websites promotion, optimization and administration. If you care about your website position on the Internet, if you want to get the best of your website, contact us and we will help you design a customized project or perform a high quality audit and correct the shortcomings.

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