SMM for Kasandra leather footwear brand


The Company specialises in production and distribution of luxury handmade footwear. Target audience: middle- and upper-income women, 18 to 44 years old.

We have deployed the Company across various social networks with the following purposes:
- to increase the brand`s recognisability;
- to build up positive Company image;
- to generate traffic bringing users to the Company`s website;
- to boost up web sales of Company`s products.

In order to achieve the above, we have:
- designed a marketing strategy;
- developed an efficient marketing plan;
- set up and adjusted targeted ads.

To accomplish the specified assignments in a comprehensive fashion, we have selected the following social networks for deployment:
Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Vk.com (aka Vkontakte).

In order to develop a successful SMM strategy, we have taken the following steps:
- we have focused on target audience and adjusted our approach to it;
- we have created, posted, and branded our content in accordance with the approved content plan;
- we have determined who our competitors are and developed a strategy to process feedback received from our clients;
- we have selected and adjusted the settings of regular targeted ads;
- we have ensured a calm and reserve style of communication and facilitated community building.

As we have been working on the present Project, the Client has ordered us to increase the number of subscribers (likes/followers) on the Company pages and boost the activity over each of the above-mentioned social networks. We have mainly focused on Facebook and Instagram.




Facebook: 12,300 likes/subscribers
Instagram: 2,792 followers
Average likes per post: 100-120

As a result of the undertaken actions:
- we have seen an increased number of requests/enquiries made via social networks and an overall increase in orders;
- we have boosted traffic bringing users to the Company`s website;
- we have reduced the expenses necessary to reach target audience.
- we have seen a 64% increase in the number of sessions.