Construction-related case story: project completed for a rope access operation company


 The company addressed us at the very onset of its entering the online space; its main plans were to cover the user audience in the region and to be able to receive orders directly from the website.

While the SEOOWL team was working on the case, no other online and/or offline advertising channels were being employed.

To begin with, we analyses the competitive capacities of the niche and determined the best promotion strategy we could select.

We noticed that lots of clients interested in façade insulation (winterization), billboard assembling, or roof painting are not actually using the above terms as search keywords. There are of course, those who actually do use these keywords but there are much fewer of these than the ones entering phrases such as «rope access works» , «industrial alpinism/mountaineering» or «industrial alpinists/mountaineers/climbers». Why so, you might ask? After all, we are used to the fact that if we are looking for a certain service, then it is highly probable that we enter its precise designation—and if we are actually ready to order the service in question, we might quite possibly also specify the exact reason or add the word «price», in order to be able to understand the market situation of the requested matter.

In this particular case, the situation turned out to be different, as industrial mountaineering is a very specialized field of activity and most users are quite aware that if they search for «façade winterization», the search may not always return a company that is able to perform thermal insulation works on the 7th floor in conditions with highly problematic accessibility, particularly with any tree branches or power lines located nearby. When, however, you—as a potential customer—encounter a company specializing in industrial mountaineering, you may be sure that this is the exact place where people are going to be of assistance to you.

We conducted a semantic analysis and used it to select a list of main search requests which we need to launch a promotion campaign:

- rope access works lviv;

- rope access works;

- industrial mountaineering;

- industrial mountaineering lviv;

- rope access works prices;

- rope access works in lviv;

- industrial mountaineers lviv;

- industrial mountaineers.

We also selected additional keyword requests reflecting the main directions of company operation:

- steel frame installation lviv;

- bridge painting works;

- roof painting price;

- elevator conveyer painting;

- tree crown cutting lviv;

- gutter pipe cleaning.

 After six months of internal and external website optimization, the following results were achieved:

Position in google.com.ua


industrial mountaineering works lviv 1
industrial mountaineering works
industrial mountaineering 1
industrial mountaineering lviv
висотні роботи ціни
rope access works prices 3
rope access works in lviv
industrial mountaineers lviv 4
steel frame installation lviv
bridge painting works 5
roof painting price 5
elevator conveyer painting 5
tree crown cutting lviv 6
gutter pipe cleaning 8

  In addition to this, we also introduced micro tagging for local businesses which allowed us to place ourselves in Google`s local data output unit and on the maps; plus, in order to make the communication with users more comfortable, company pages in social networks have been added—this allowed us to partially monopolize the data output for certain requests.

In addition to this, we joined efforts with the customer and supplemented the website with a blog that is being populated with info that is useful both to potential clients and to industrial mountaineers in particular. It helped us to capture low frequency requests and it also attracted additional traffic to the website.

In six months of work on the website, we have received 240 applications, each on the average delivering an average receipt amount of 1500 UAH (Ukrainian Hryvnias).

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