Case for the niche of passenger travel and auto rental operations


Lviv Autobus company already had a website of their own when they addressed us with a request to help them. The website was, however, useless to the customer as it was not attracting any customers.

Our task was to determine why so and to build up a website promotion strategy for the niche of passenger travel both inside Ukraine and abroad.









First and foremost, we chose to correct the internal mistakes and bring the website to order in terms of its appearance and convenience of interaction with users. We suggested that we should perform a complete design overhaul and here is what we got in the end:



Having obtained a foundation for our work in the form of an updated website, we proceeded directly to its rollout and promotion. Having analysed the topics, we ascertained who our major competitors were, assessed the quality of their promotion operation and determined the top priority requests from the standpoint of conversion. These turned out to be the following:

• irregular passenger travel lviv;

• passenger travel lviv prices;

• passenger travel lviv;

• passenger travel in lviv city;

• passenger travel by bus;

• bus rental lviv price;

• irregular passenger travel;

• passenger travel lviv.

As we were putting together a semantic kernel (requests for the promotion campaign), it has been revealed that a considerable number of requests is made in the Russian language; therefore, a decision was made to add the Russian language version of the website for Russian-speaking users.


Keyword Position as per google.com.ua
irregular passenger travel lviv 2
passenger travel lviv prices 3
passenger travel lviv 5
passenger travel in lviv city 5
passenger travel by bus 7
bus rental lviv price 7
irregular passenger travel 9
passenger travel lviv 9

Currently, works on the promotion of the Russian version of the website are underway; as of the 12th of September, 2016 (2 months after the commencement of the promotion campaign), the keywords in Russian occupy the following positions:

Ключове слово Позиція в google.com.ua
аренда автобуса львов цена 7
нерегулярные перевозки львов 11
аренда автобусов львов 12
аренда автобуса львов 12
заказать автобус львов 16
пассажирские перевозки львов цены 18
заказать автобус в г.львов 18
международные пассажирские перевозки львов 18
международные пассажирские перевозки 21
перевозки пассажиров львов 32

We proceed with our work as we strive to enhance our current positions as well as to expand of the semantic kernel in order to capture as many users as possible. Our next target is to reach the TOP of requests in Russian.

And we are, without any doubt, going to accomplish this goal. In the meantime, do not hesitate to start developing your online business together with SEOOWL!